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Photo Restoration

Alvin Gates Photography

Chicago, Illinois




There is no cheap fix for the craft we offer but we do provide Free Estimates and Easy Payments.

Our legendary artistry produces museum quality work for reunions, genealogy, and historical purposes year after year.We can restore your old or recent photographs to look like new.

Alvin Gates Photography has taken seemingly hopeless & impossibly damaged but cherished photos and repaired & re-imaged them to look amazing. For over 50 years, the studio has repaired severely damaged photos that most companies say are impossible to fix; these include photos that are out of focus, sun faded, discolored, ink & rust stained, torn, water damaged or even stuck to broken glass. Some of the photos have missing pieces; others are old Polaroids or tin types. If we can see the image, we can fix it! These services are usually costly.  We therefore suggest that only images that preserve the memories of irreplaceable people or events be considered for restoration.

Other Less Expensive Services For A Limited Budget

We can ...
...remove your ex or in-laws from any photo ...create a family portrait from individual snapshots...remove background & replace with a background or color of your choice ...open eyes, close mouths
...put you in a wedding dress or suit
...add you in a photo with your favorite celebrity
...put you in a new hair style or body figure
...turn black & white into sepia, or hand colored photographs
...copy & enlarge or blow up your photo to poster size
...put your vacation or favorite image on a large Artist's canvas & stretcher so that your images become a work of art.
      HOW TO GET STARTED 1.  Let us provide a quote for your project.  At Alvin Gates Photography, we compensate our artists for their time to appraise damages & organize a work strategy for our clients; however, these estimates are at no charge to you!
2. (a)  Scan your b&w or color images at 100% of their original size at 300 dpi in RGB mode.
     (b) Save your scan as a jpeg or psd (photoshop file). Go to the bottom of this page and fill in the form
    (b1) E-mail us and upload or attach your photo to your e-mail; then press submit to send your request & instructions to us

3. We will contact you asap with your quote and the amount of deposit needed to start your project. (usually 50%)We realize restoration projects can get expensive;  for that reason, we maintain a Lay A Way program for people who prefer to pay a little each week or monthly by credit card, money order, or check.  Your restoration project can be done at your financial convenience.

4. If your prefer to compose your own email & attachments send them to alvingates@alvingatesphotography.com please provide a daytime phone, cell phone, & evening phone.

5. Once we receive your deposit to start work on your project we will give you an approximate date
when we will have a work in progress to show you.  We can  also allow you to see a web version of your project for your approval before we finalize your job.  Once you have approved our work, we will finish the project and ship it to you by your desired delivery method.

If you have chosen to pay by Lay A Way, we will store your job until you complete your payment
arrangements; we will then ship the final job to you when you have a zero balance.